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Size Matters

We've put together a few resources comparing the size of our Seecamp pistols to that of other small handguns. One is a visual chart in PDF format (courtesy of Robert Oremland) showing the relative size and weight of our pistols and those of our competitors.

Also available, thanks to David Atkinson, is a series of overlay photographs that visually demonstrate the size of a Seecamp pistol compared to ten other handgun models.

And finally, for those who wonder if all three Seecamp pistols really are the same size, click here for the photographic evidence.

Size/Weight Stats

Now available in PDF format is our Size/Weight Stats chart which gives detailed specs for our pistols and several of our competitors.


Contact Information

We've tried to make our website as helpful, comprehensive and user-friendly as possible, in an attempt to provide you with a fast and convenient source for answers to your questions about our pistols. However, should you need to, here is how you can get in touch with us:

U.S. Mail:
L.W. Seecamp Co.
28 Hudson Drive
Southwick, MA 01077


General Telephone Inquiries:
(413) 569-4650

Technical Questions:
(413) 569-4657

(413) 569-1666

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